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Dog Training Services

All my services put your animals’ needs front and center in a safe and caring environment. I can work in a variety of ways depending on the needs of you and your dog. Below is a detailed description of the services I provide. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Private Training & Group Classes

Private training is done in your home, on site, out in public, or outside in a mutually agreed upon public park.

General Training – Skills include: Coming when called, stay, sit, down, handler focus exercises, impulse control, loose leash walking, and more. Nuisance behaviors such as: mouthing, begging, barking, jumping, counter surfing, excitement peeing, humping, marking, etc. will also be addressed as necessary. 

Need more help?  Please inquire about specialty training options to aid with: behavior modification for aggression & reactivity, separation anxiety, wireless fence training, humane e-collar usage, service dog training, and more.  

Finally, training for various dog sports are also offered. Please inquire if interested. (Examples of sport training includes, but is not limited to: nosework, barn hunt, weight pull, drafting, CGC prep, trick training, introduction to disc, lure coursing aptitude, introduction to treibball, obedience, Rally-O, bite sport foundations for puppies, water confidence – swimming lessons for those interested in dock diving, and coming soon agility foundations.)

Group Classes are seasonal and held on site.

Other classes are held at Tails-u-Win in Manchester, CT.

Kara is NOT teaching any group classes at this time,

but is available for private training, behavior consults, day training, board and trains, etc.

Behavior Consultations

My Behavior Consulting work involves an intimate understanding of your dog's natural and individual history.  Your dog(s) behavior will first be assessed in order to develop a specific training plan based on your goals and needs.  Management techniques, exercise needs, enrichment activities, and relationship dynamics will be evaluated in order to create a customized plan of action that can be implemented immediately to help you and your dog succeed during training and beyond.  Furthermore, various training methodologies will also be discussed in order to better suit the needs of your dog in your home, in public, and with your family.

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Board & Training

Unlike other board and train programs that are done exclusively in a facility or a kennel, our program is done in residence, with some facility assistance. This means that even though your dog may visit a facility for a class, or a training opportunity, he/she is are not left there overnight.  Instead, he/she lives in residence with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, who will not only provide structured training sessions, but also train your dog on the fly as needed. Only one board and train dog is taken in at a time to ensure your dog gets our full attention. We teach your dog obedience behaviors, troubleshoot and problem solve issues and problematic behavior, and also set your dog up for success in order to learn how to settle, live with other dogs, and become part of the family while he/she is here.

One, Two, and Four week options are available.

*Client compliance is key to the future success of your dog! In order for the board and train to be effective once home, you must follow through on what your dog has learned.  This includes, but is not limited to: implementing management strategies, structure, exercise routines, and enrichment, as well as and practicing and reinforcing your dog’s training. Please note, there are no guarantees on the continued success of your dog’s behavior.

*NOT for aggressive dogs

Out on the Town Day Training & Day Camp

Out on the Town opportunities are perfect for people who want a well-mannered dog, not just at home, but in public too. This program is ideal for individuals and/or families that have hectic schedules, who want a well-trained companion that can go anywhere, but who just don’t have the time to train their dogs themselves. This immersive approach can also be used as a supplement to any training program that your dog is already taking, or has taken. New skills that have been acquired will be practiced throughout the day and in public places. While setting your dog up for success, we will work on proofing behaviors, through distance, distractions, and duration. Emphasis will also be placed on exploration and socialization. Behaviors that your dog will learn are: Loose Leash Walking, Paying Attention to the Handler, Polite Greetings (and Non Greetings), Polite Door Manners, Stays, Recalls, Impulse Control, Proper Hiking Trail Etiquette, Polite Table Manners. Training plans can also be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your dog!

Not ready to be Out on the Town? NO PROBLEM!  Day Camp may be a better fit for your dog! Day Camp is open to all dogs - all breeds, all sizes, and all skill levels.  At Day Camp we can work on any of the items listed above, but without as many distractions in our private location in Bloomfield. We will focus more on building confidence, generalizing obedience behaviors and developing a strong foundation so you can bring your dog anywhere! Training will be held onsite as well as outdoors. Great for shy or worried dogs!

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Virtual Lessons & Phone Consults

Virtual Lessons and Phone Consults are perfect for people that live outside of Connecticut, need dog training help, but are on a budget, or for those that still wish to practice the ultimate in social distancing due to COVID 19!

Though virtual training, via Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger, or through phone consults, I’m happy to discuss your training needs.  For behavior issues, it is strongly encouraged to send videos and/or pictures via email so your situation can be reviewed ahead of time. I will then step by step walk you though how to address your dog’s issue(s) or teach your dog new skills.   Furthermore, we will then collaborate and develop a training/management plan to achieve your goals.

Proper Pooch Selection

Struggling to find a dog that's right for you and for your lifestyle?  Would you like to get a new dog, but are not sure where to go, or if your new companion will fit in with your current dog?  Let us help with our puppy or dog selection service!

This includes puppy aptitude testing, breed selection, evaluations of adult dogs, and more.

Whenever possible, it is preferred to get started before your puppy or new dog comes home!  Instructions will also be provided for crate & potty training, socialization & confidence building, management, enrichment, mouthing, exercise, nutrition, and relationship building. Your new dog or puppy will be set up for success by teaching you how to correctly implement structure as well as minimizing bad behaviors in favor of creating good ones right from the start!

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Service Dog Task Training & Public Access

Paws Up! Complete Dog Training, LLC is proud to partner with Cosmic Dog Training and Boarding LLC for all your service dog needs!

Training can be provided in-home, or at private locations in

Moodus or Bloomfield, CT.


*Medical Alert


*Allergen Detection

Tasks commonly taught to service dogs include but are not limited to: pressing handicap door buttons, pressing elevator door buttons, calling 911 by activating an emergency alert system, blood sugar alert and shaping, seizure alert shaping, Cortisol alert and shaping, pulling open doors/cabinets/fridges, turning on/off lights, retrieving items by name shoes/phone/keys/glasses, medication retrieval, helping to pull socks/jackets/pants off, picking up dropped items, nudging fallen arms/legs back onto wheel chair, nightmare waking, interrupting self harming behaviors, Deep Pressure Therapy, body blocking, and many more.

This is a full service program which also includes public access training.

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